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Stump Grinding

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There are a good number of property owners who contacted us in the past to get rid of stumps. This is the downside of hiring inexperienced companies for tree removal Tacoma as they do not get the job done as required.

Most people do not know how to deal with tree stumps and this is why they are left unattended.

​If you have stumps on your property, get in touch with Tree Service Tacoma Pros and we will resolve this issue for you. We have modern grinders that allow us to grind the stumps below the ground surface.

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Why Remove Tree Stumps?

Stump grinding Tacoma, WA is a crucial stage and the final stage for tree cutting service Tacoma WA. There are so many reasons why you should have your tree stumps removed, by a professional. When there is a stump in your yard, it poses a great danger to children, pets and anyone who may be in close vicinity. The stumps can trip you and cause serious injuries. When the stumps are left to decay on their own, they attract pests and other diseases. Sadly, this will easily be transmitted to the other plants on your property and cause them to wither and die. These are some of the key reasons why you would need to engage a certified arborists to deal with the stumps.

Eliminating Tree Stumps
There are so many people who have a truck and a chain saw, yet they brand themselves as tree service experts. When you hire such companies, they will cut down and remove the tree, leaving the stump behind. This means that the work is half done and not complete. At Tree Service Tacoma, we offer comprehensive services and we will dispose of the stumps effectively. Stump grinding is the best technique as it is quite effective and not as demanding as stump removal. We have heavy-duty stump grinders that will see to it any stump is ground and reduced to mulch.

Depending on the size of the stump, we will pick the right equipment and deal with the stumps effectively. We have cranes that can be used for heavy lifting and since we own all these machinery and equipment the cost of executing the task will be affordable.

Stump removal is not always as a result of cutting trees, there are instances where it will be an emergency. For instance, when a tree falls down after storm damage, you will be left with stumps, which need to be removed as well. Whichever the case, the only way that you will have great tree service is when you hire a qualified professional. Do not allow the stumps to mess the overall appearance of your landscape.

Give us a call today and we will offer professional stump grinding services. We are a full service tree and as such, you can always get in touch with us for any tree Tacoma services that you may need. We assure you 100% satisfaction guarantee for all the services that we offer.